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The British Schools & Universities Club of New York welcomes those with some British or Commonwealth education from countries around the world.

Clubs have probably existed from the beginning of time. Clubs, especially in England have existed for all kinds of reasons, usually to bring together people of common interests.  Samuel Pepys and G.K. Chesterton belonged to clubs, and so have people who enjoyed playing sports together, doing quilting projects, supporting various political positions.  Some clubs have been born of people’s pleasure in sharing each others’ company, respecting similar values, understanding each others’ jokes and allusions.  We are such a club.  Whenever we get together and wherever there is laughter and good times.   We are a community, a small one, but we understand each other and we offer support, congeniality, and fun, whether it is at a First Tuesday or a cricket match, or the Annual Dinner Dance.

Our members enjoy a variety of social and cultural activities during the year. We have an annual formal Dinner Dance and Commonwealth Reception and such popular events as Bangers and Mash evening, a curry brunch, Easter Monday dinner a sumptuous NJ brunch, monthly Club Tuesdays with British newspapers, and Bridge nights. Outdoor activities include an annual cricket challenge, hikes with barbeques and museum trips.

These are but a few of the many events we enjoy in the company of friends with similar educational backgrounds. We warmly welcome new members into our Club.

Molly McGrath, President, BSUCNY
Contact us about becoming a member. | (212) 465-3270


 The British Schools and Universities Club of New York was founded in 1895, and promotes friendship among those of British and Commonwealth education, and the enjoyment of cultural and intellectual pursuits.

Various social functions, both formal and informal, are held during the year. Members are encouraged to bring business associates and friends to these events.

Club Tuesday Evenings generally take place on the first Tuesday of each month. British Schools and Universities Club Members and guests meet at a local restaurant, at 6.30 p.m. for an evening of conviviality which includes club special meals, a cash bar, bridge and browsing through UK newspapers.

The requirements for British Schools and Universities Club of New York membership are one year or more of British or Commonwealth education. Further details may be obtained from the Officers and Directors of the British Schools and Universities Club of New York by telephoning (212) 465-3270, by e-mail:



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